About Event

About Event

We Discovered & Shaped the Future of Biologics & Antibody Therapies at the 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit

At the intersection of groundbreaking research, clinical innovation, and collaborative networking, the 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit stood as a beacon for advancing the frontier of FcRn, FcγR, and IgG therapeutics. Our mission was to supercharge molecular development, elevate clinical utility, and explore novel therapeutic applications through a comprehensive understanding of targets and biology.

In a landscape where clinical data was expanding, and partnerships like the Argenx-Genmab powerhouse exemplified the potential of antibody therapies, the spotlight on biologics Fc modulation as a therapeutic target had been more intense than ever. The 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit continued to be at the forefront of this movement, uniting experts and enthusiasts alike.

2024 Program Highlights:

Unveiling the Pathophysiology of FcRn:

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of FcRn pathophysiology, unlocking new insights into targeted therapeutic interventions.

Julian Chandler, Associate Director, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Precision Targeting of Unwanted B-Cells & Advancements in Fc Biology:

Precise targeting of undesirable B-cells was achieved while harnessing the latest advancements in Fc biology for enhanced therapeutic outcomes.

Basil Golding, Director, Division of Plasma Protein Therapeutics, Centre for Biologics Evaluation & Research

Functional Evaluation of Antibody Fc Modifications

Participants engaged in illuminating discussions on optimizing antibody functionality through Fc modifications.

Bart-Jan de Kreuk, Senior Scientist, Antibody Format Discovery, Genmab

Revolutionize Ig Strategy, Optimize Antibody Physicochemical Properties, & Explore the Potential of Fc Gamma Receptors:

Attendees spearheaded a revolutionary approach to Ig strategy, optimizing the physicochemical properties of antibodies, and unlocking the full potential of Fc Gamma Receptors for ground-breaking therapeutic advancements.

Lindsay Avery, Global DMPK Innovation Head, Sanofi

Björn Frendéus, Chief Scientific Officer, BioInvent

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    • 17+ Fc-Therapeutic Industry Expert Speakers
    • 17+ Ground-breaking Sessions
    • 8+ Hours of Industry Networking
    • & Much More!


4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Full Agenda

What Did 2024 Offer?

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit

This was the only platform providing a complete overview of FcRn, bringing together FcRn and FcγR target biology with molecular engineering and real-world clinical outcomes. This exclusivity ensured that attendees could dive deep into the intricacies of Fc modulation, gaining insights that are unparalleled in both breadth and depth.

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit

Attendees joined 60+ peers from diverse fields including immunology, antibody engineering, pharmacology, toxicology, and immuno-oncology for three unrivaled days of content. This was the definitive and only forum exclusively dedicated to targeting FcRn, FcγR, and novel Fc optimization.

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit

Participants shaped the future and become part of a community that values collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of therapeutic excellence. Together, they were at the forefront of scientific progress in checkpoint agonism, gained cross-disease insights into Fc manipulation in oncology, and witnessed first-hand presentations from esteemed speakers shaping the future of antibody therapies.