Pre-Conference Workshop Day - Tuesday | April 16, 2024

Workshop A

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Unveiling the Pathophysiology of FcRn & FcY: A Gateway to Enhanced Drug Targeting & Understanding

Understanding the mechanism of FcRn pathophysiology remains of significant interest and importance to pave the way
for advanced drug development. Join this workshop to discover new insights to apply to drug development programs targeting

Highlights include:
• Exploring the pathophysiology of FcRn in disease states to understand biological mechanisms more robustly, and investigate innovative approaches to exploit this understanding in therapeutic targeting
• Analyzing FcRn receptor group diversity, enhancement mutations, and individual variations in FcRn expression
• Assessing implications of Fc receptor diversity relative to antibody interactions, and its consequences for pharmacokinetic profiles
• Back translating -omics and clinical data to validate biologic activities of FcRn preclinically

Julian Chandler - Expert Speaker - 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit

Julian Chandler
Associate Director
Alexion Pharmaceuticals