Conference Day One - Wednesday | April 17, 2024

7:30 am Registration & Coffee

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Nimish Gera Vice President, Biologics, Mythic Therapeutics

From Biology to Bench: Translating Fc Biology Insights to Innovate Drug Design

8:30 am Fc & its Partners: FcR’s & Complement. Interacting Biology’s Leading to Receptor Inhibitors & Improvements to IgG’s as Drugs

  • David Humphreys Executive Director & Head of Antibody & Novel Therapeutics, UCB


  • Overview of FcRn biology and FcRn inhibitors
  • FcRn and antibody half-life modulation
  • Albumin as a focus for drug half-life
  • Overlapping biology, complications, and opportunities

9:00 am Broad Fc effector Function Profiling for Safer & More Effective Antibody Therapeutics


  • Complexity of inter-connected factors that influence antibody effector functions
  • Implications of this complexity on both product safety and efficacy
  • Strategies for mitigating the unpredictability of Fc-mediated functions in early screening through a broad and high-throughput approach

9:30 am Harnessing the Use of NK Cells with Fc Factor 8: Precision Targeting of Unwanted B-Cells Producing Factor 8 Antibodies

  • Basil Golding Director, Office of Plasma Protein Therapeutics in CBER, U.S. FDA


  • Uncovering the potential of Fc Factor 8 to activate NK cells with precision for specific targeting
  • Addressing autoimmune disorders characterized by antibodies against self-antigens
  • The therapeutic potential of activating NK cells to eliminate autoimmune B-cells while minimizing collateral damage

10:00 am Preclinical Humanized Models for Assessment of Fc Receptor Pathways Targeted Therapies

  • Kader Thiam Senior Vice President Discovery, Preclinical Models, and Services, genOway


  • Recapitulating human Fc receptors expression pattern in mice
  • Investigating biologics’ Fc modifications on effector function and pharmacokinetics in humanized models
  • Showcase of mouse models expressing human Fc receptors as tools for translational assessment of Fc receptor-targeted therapies

10:30 am Speed Networking


This session is your opportunity to introduce yourself to leading experts across Fc modulation, engineering, and Fc receptor biology to establish meaningful relationships.

10:50 am Morning Break

Immuno-oncology Lessons so Far: Fc Receptor Role in IO Drug Development, Past, Present & Future to Transfer into Autoimmunity

11:15 am Innocent Until Proven Guilty: The Role of IgA in Infectious Diseases


  • Unveiling the potent activation of myeloid cells via FcaRI
  • Discussing the putative function of systemic IgA in infectious diseases
  • Exploiting the potential of novel therapeutic strategies

11:45 am Fc Engineering of Antibodies for Enhanced Therapeutic Function and Safety


  • Exploring the expression of Fc receptors in HER2+ & TNBC to guide design of Fc engineering
  • Development of Fc-engineered antibodies for enhanced immune engagement
  • Evaluation of NK cell activation, macrophage activation and phenotype, and in vivo efficacy of the Fc-engineered antibodies

12:15 pm Lunch & Networking

1:15 pm Next Generation Tetravalent Bispecific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy

  • Ryan Fiehler Associate Director, Discovery, F-Star Therapeutics


  • Discover F-star’s unique approach to making bispecific tetravalent antibodies in the Fc
  • Description of the process to produce a conditional CD137 agonist Fcab
  • FS222 bispecific uses of the CD137 agonist Fcab, in combination with a PD-L1 targeting Fab
  • Discuss the benefits of FS222 in being tetravalent

1:45 pm Off-the-shelf RethamTM Platelets for Assessment of Platelet Activation by Therapeutic IgG mAb Drug Candidates


  • Platelet activation induced by IgG monoclonal antibodies can significantly increase risk for adverse thrombotic events.
  • Evaluation of the potential for induction of platelet activation by therapeutic IgG mabs can be challenging, requiring fresh healthy-donor platelets, and sensitive activation readouts.
  • Long-term stored RethamTM platelets that have intact FcGRIIa signaling, developed using recent breakthrough technology, can be conveniently coupled to Retham’s proprietary, technically-simple ELISA for on-demand testing to de-risk therapeutic mab candidate molecules 

2:15 pm Afternoon Break, Networking, & Poster Session

Scientific Poster Session


Enjoy face-to-face time, share your work, and establish meaningful business relationships with many of the brightest minds, displaying scientific posters capturing the main advancements and challenges targeting Fc and Fc-mediated function.

3:15 pm Developing a Novel Cancer Therapeutic that Combines Checkpoint Blocking Function with Fc-Mediated Tumor Cell Killing

  • Ann White Senior Director, Translational Science, Mestag Therapeutics


  • Discussing antibody generation and screening
  • Assessing the blocking and killing function
  • Learning lessons from translational studies to support clinical development

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Nimish Gera Vice President, Biologics, Mythic Therapeutics