Supercharge FcRn, FcγR, & IgG: Unleashing Therapeutic Potential

17-18 April, 2024 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Your Gateway to Advancing Therapeutic Frontiers!

Supercharge FcRn, FcγR, & IgG: Understand Targets & Biology to Advance Molecular Development, Clinical Utility, & Novel Therapeutic Applications

As 2023 delivered a second FcRn inhibitor approval, clinically validating the transformative potential of neonatal Fc receptors across autoimmunity and IO, the therapeutic age of blocking FcRn-IgG interactions and optimized Fc-modulation through Fc-engineering strategies in the latest generation of antibody design is underway.

VCs, immunology, and inflammation experts at pharma and biotech are shifting from IO to autoimmunity and the ArgenX-Genmab partnership has catalyzed new work in Fc-engineering; the 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit is your opportunity to evaluate the transformative potential of FcRn over corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and B-cell depletion. This is the industry sandpit for intense conversations and networking to advance the next IgG, antibody and FcRn-agonist drugs.

See the full agenda here to discover the insights being shared.

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"Interesting presentations and a lot of ideas which we can use in our research. Also good connections with interesting people and future contact with them"
Irina Rybina, Past Attendee, Boehringer Ingelheim

Key Highlights:

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Targeting FcRn & FcyR Biology

Targeting FcRn & FcγR Biology:

Unlock the secrets of molecular engineering and real-world clinical outcomes by focusing on the critical targets - FcRn and FcγR. Gain insights into the intricacies of their biological pathways, and understand how molecular modifications can translate into tangible clinical benefits. 

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Unrivaled Content

Unrivaled Content:

As the only conference dedicated exclusively to FcRn, this meeting will comprehensively cover the landscape. Attendees can expect to be immersed in cutting-edge research, the latest advancements, and a holistic understanding of the subject matter. This focus ensures that participants are at the forefront of knowledge and equipped with insights that are not diluted by unrelated topics, setting this summit apart as a beacon of specialized expertise.

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Exceptional Networking

Exceptional Networking:

Forge meaningful connections with a diverse cohort of professionals spanning immunology, antibody engineering, pharmacology, toxicology, and immuno-oncology. The summit provides a unique opportunity to engage with 80+ peers, facilitating cross-disciplinary partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Download the Full Program for more information on:

    • 17+ Fc-Therapeutic Industry Expert Speakers
    • 17+ Ground-breaking Sessions
    • 8+ Hours of Industry Networking
    • & Much More!


4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit - Full Agenda

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

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Companies Attending Include:

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"The quality and depth of the talks was very good and there was a high level of engagement and discussion"
Susan Chyou, Past Attendee, Horizon Discovery

Our Current Partners:

"A world-class array of speakers from industry and academia in the field of Fc receptors"
Ken Howard, Past Speaker, Aarhus University

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